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AC Repair & Service

Air sakthi is your local experts for Air Conditioner and servicing. We maintain a fleet of experienced service engineers backed up by which allows us to quickly respond to any customer "emergency" regarding Air Conditioner servicing. If your air conditioner breaks down, there is no need to suffer in the heat. Most service companies do not offer same day service, and those that do may require several days to order parts or fully repair the unit. We have everything you need right here, just give us a call and we'll have your AC working properly in no time. If you are having doubts about new installations, that can be taken care of by our team of specialists that have the expertise and knowledge to complete new installations as well as repairs. Our repairmen are fully trained and equipped to handle these problems.


AC Installation

If you are looking for in a new Air conditioner install. Some of the small guys promise the world also, but they do not have the man power or support to make sure the work is done on time with the best materials. Our expert will come to your home and help you pick out the cool Air conditioner for your home. Licensed to work with both commercial and residential, there is no job too large or too small for us. After offering an initial consult, we will install your Air conditioner professionally perfect; making sure it is set up to work immediately and for years to come. Whether you're looking to cool a small home or a huge office, our staff has the expertise needed to AMC period sure you stay cool in the heat. With our staff, we make sure we can work quickly, efficiently, and effectively so that you don't need to wait hours to get your house cooled. Our staff is excited to help you get your home the way you want it now.



It is a good idea to have checked your system Before the cooling or heating seasons by one of Your maintenance experts. as your system continues to run Small problems can become bigger problems. Expert cooling solutions offer preventative maintenance and service agreements.


Benefits & features of contract :-

  •    Air conditioning unit will be checked initially before service, for Temperature, Amperage and Noise.
  •    The unit will be pulled out, but will not be brought down and physical inspection of the unit will be undertaken.
  •    Air filter will be cleaned.
  •    Evaporator coil will be checked and cleaned. Condenser coil will be checked.
  •    Electrical control panel will be checked and cleaned. i.e check-up of Selector switch. Thermostat P.T.C.R. Oscillation Motor, Vent Levers and Exhaust Levers, if necessary.
  •    All Electrical components, such as Running Capacitor, Starting Capacitor, Fan Capacitor, Relay Over Load Protector will be inspected visually for any damages.
  •    Wiring and fastening clips will be checked and if necessary, it will de replaced.
  •    Fan Motors will be checked and lubrication of the fan motor will be done.
  •    Compressor will be thoroughly checked.
  •    Unit will be cleaned from any dust and slime.
  •    Stabilizer, tripper Switch, Electrical Power Point for the A/C. unit will be checked.
  •    After service, Front panel will be cleaned and checked and checked for any defect.
  •    A/C unit will be on test run for through check on temperature and working efficiency after service.
  •    Detailed report of the A/c unit will be made and will be handed over to customer for their reference. Any repairs required will be informed immediately.
  •    Servicing A/c. unit will be on Monthly / Alternate Monthly / Quarterly Basis as per the customer’s desire. Any breakdown calls will be attended with immediate response on normal working hours.